There is something about saying “I’ll make a reservation” that makes any eating out experience feel even more special. Making a reservation, however, doesn’t have to be reserved just for special occasions. We’ve all probably been there, when we are excited to show our friends our favorite restaurant only to be deterred by an hour or longer wait. In 2018, when many in Gloucester and across the U.S. resist committing to anything, committing to a reservation might be one that you might consider and here’s why.

You Are Guaranteed a Table

As we mentioned above, there is nothing worse than not getting a table. Making th effort to get dressed up for dinner and maybe even dreaming about your favorite dish while you’re getting ready, to have your desires dashed isn’t an experience that any of us want and really have to deal with. Also, getting a seat at the bar is fine, except when you really want that intimate atmosphere to focus on your date or friends. When you really want to make sure that you will get a table and can have the experience that you want, make a reservation.  

You Know When You Will Be Eating

Being “hangry” is a real thing and can put tension where there is no need for stress. Plus, if you are planning on enjoying a cocktail or two — responsibly, of course — not eating your meal till your stomach is in dire straights can be a problem. Having a reservation allows everyone and especially those whose metabolisms are hard at work to know exactly when they can plan on enjoying their Pizza Carbonara, 525 Burger, Chicken Pot Pie, or Warm Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Eliminate Stress

Those of us in Gloucester and, really, all over the world, are more stressed out than ever. We are running from commitment to commitment, mumbling to ourselves that age old phrase “time is money” when we are stuck in traffic and running late. There is enough stress in the world. Why be stressed out about your meal and, especially, when you’re eating out at one of your favorite dinner restaurants? Making a reservation, guarantees that you get a table, allows you to know exactly when you will be getting a table, and can allow you to enjoy at least one certainty in life — you will get a table.

Focus on Why You’re There

Whether you are frequenting a dinner restaurant in Gloucester for a date or for a much needed family night out, not having to worry about getting a table, can allow you to focus on what you’re there for, your time with your date, friends, or family. There are so many distractions and as we discussed above, there are so many stresses that can keep us feeling uptight and take us out of the moment. Keep your nerves in check or get lost in good conversation when you make a reservation.

Why Not?

Lastly, why not make reservations? We understand that sometimes spontaneous dinner plans occur and, that if aligning schedules is difficult, dinner plans may occur last minute, but if you know you will be grabbing dinner and if you know where you will be eating, why not make a reservation? Making a reservation only makes life and dinner time easier.

Make a reservation and come out to The Magnolia 525 Tavern to enjoy delicious American restaurant eats, drinks, and treats. Grab a table for one, bring your date, or invite friends and family in to enjoy a night out!