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The Magnolia 525 Tavern is a major part of the revitalization of Lexington Avenue. Present day Magnolia has a quieter feel than the Roaring Twenties, but is no less classy.

With a strong sense of community and local pride, the 525 is a neighborhood gathering place. Borrowing its name from the local telephone exchange, the 525 completely renovated this building which had served as The Patio Restaurant for the past 40 years.

Keeping in line with the Gloucester community feel, our American restaurant is open to host your fundraiser (10% of all proceeds will go to your charity), and we’re available to serve as a host to your private parties and events. Please email us:


Magnolia, a coastline village of Gloucester Massachusetts, has enjoyed a rich history of fame and fortune. Before the Hamptons became popular, Magnolia was the vacation grounds for the high society of New York City. Steamships came directly from Manhattan to land at the Magnolia Pier and vacationers stayed at the infamous Oceanside Hotel on Lexington Avenue.

In its heyday before the Great Depression, Magnolia hosted American restaurants, galleries, jewelers, casinos and the first mall in the U.S. These attractions drew notables like Lucille Ball, Theodore Roosevelt, and Mr. & Mrs. Sears and Mr. & Mrs. Roebuck. This age of opulence ended with the stock market crash and the popularity of the automobile. The sophisticated New York shops, such as Tiffany’s and Lord & Taylor, who all had shops on Lexington Avenue closed up and over the years, and many fires consumed buildings in the village.


Whether you’re a local brewery, winery, or distillery, we invite you to book your next tasting event at our tavern. We have ample parking, great indoor and outdoor spaces, a full kitchen, a gorgeous bar, and some of the best helping hands you could ever ask for! If you’re interested in booking your next event with us, please email our General Manager, Aja Heussi: